Monday, March 2, 2009

Gratitude at the Dinner Table

For several months now, my family has gotten into the practice of sharing something from our days for which we feel grateful. We try to do this several times a week and we take turns going around the table, giving each person a chance to speak and be heard. Recently I had the opportunity to explore some new materials on gratitude by LaSara Firefox ( What was different about this approach was that instead of simply sharing something from our day, we shared what we were grateful in categories. The two that we chose were "A Person You Admire" and "A Fairy Tale." I enjoyed this different approach because it got us sharing about things that we normally wouldn't talk about in our everyday dinner conversation. I think we each learned a little something new about each other also. It was definitely worthwhile and something I'm sure that we'll work in sometimes in our future meals.

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