Wednesday, March 16, 2011

50 Best Blogs for Your Children's Nutrition

Recently posted a list of the 50 best blogs for child nutrition on their blog. I'm honored to report that the Dinner Together blog was included in their list, in the Family Focused category.

I encourage you to check out the rest of the list. It includes some of my favorite resources as well as some others I'm looking forward to getting to know more about.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Announcing Kitchen Table Parents!

I'm very excited to tell you about a new program I've developed. For the past couple of years I've been trying to figure out how to offer support and education at an affordable cost to parents who are interested in both providing healthy family meals and raising happy, compassionate kids. I’ve been running Dinner Together and Empowered Parenting side by side, but I think I’ve found a way to bring them together.

My new program offers solutions for parents who know that raising a healthy family involves more than just food; it also involves nourishing our families through our words, interactions, and connections with each other.

You can learn more about the program here:

If you are looking for:
-       Guidance on how to stop being a short order cook
-       Strategies to help your kids to try new foods and eat vegetables
-       Ways to have your kids join the family at the table and be pleasant once they get there
-       Tools for positive family communication
-       More confidence in your parenting decisions and interactions
-       Reassurance about what to expect with regard to your child's development
-       Ideas for involving your children with helping others
...then Kitchen Table Parents is where you want to be!

Two membership options to the exclusive new Kitchen Table Parents website are available: a free Basic membershipand a low cost Premium membership.
Premium members will have access to:
  • Recipes and Meal Plans
  • A library of articles, audio and video recordings on popular parenting topics, including how to deal with picky eaters and how to manage bedtime battles
  • An interactive forum which I will moderate
  • Recommended tools and resources
  • Monthly telephone conference calls where you can ask your most burning parenting questions
  • Discounts on my parent coaching packages
Basic members will have access to a limited selection of the recipe and article archives, sample meal plans, and tools and resources for successful family meals and empowered parenting.

You can learn more and register here:

I hope you will join me. I look forward to getting to know you as part of a community of parents supporting and empowering each other to raise healthy families.

If you have any questions about this program, please leave your comments below or email me.