Thursday, December 23, 2010

Baking for a Cause

Back in January I wrote about one of my goals for the year: to find more opportunities for community involvement and creative charitable giving using food and involving kids. This goal was inspired by Michelle Stern of What's Cooking with Kids. Well, it's December, but I achieved my goal!

This past weekend my 15 year old daughter had several of her friends over for a cookie decorating party. This has become an annual tradition for her, which I am happy to support. In addition to providing a comfortable space for her to get together with friends, I am happy to encourage any overtures she makes to be in the kitchen as she is my least kitchen-confident child. This year we headed into her cookie party deciding at the outset to donate (most of) the cookies to our church, which distributes them along with other items at a soup kitchen. The party was a great success ~ the girls all had fun, were very creative, and felt good about their donation.

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  1. I am honored! It's nice to know that my work in the kitchen with kids inspires people to do something so positive :-) Cooking together is such a wonderful way to help the less fortunate! Happy New Year, my friend! xoxoxo


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