Monday, June 1, 2009

Free Weekly Menus

Since starting Dinner Together, I have met so many interesting women both near and far, thanks in part to the internet. I met Janis through The Mom Entrepreneur Support Group, where we are both members. Janis runs The Dinner Spin, which provides 5 kid-friendly, heart-healthy recipes each week. And the best part of all is that membership is FREE!

I have written before about the importance of planning meals (The 4 P's of Successful Family Meals) and believe it to be hugely important. I plan my family's meals a week at a time. I review our schedule for the coming week and decide which nights I'll have time to cook, which nights I'll have to use my crockpot, which nights I'll simply heat up something from my freezer stash of meals, and which nights we'll go out or order take-out. I also involve my husband and children when creating my menu for the week by asking each one if there's anything in particular they're wanting to eat in the week ahead. This thought and effort usually takes me about 15-20 minutes per week to create a plan, and the stress it saves me from during the week about what we're going to eat definitely makes it worth it to me.

If the thought of creating a plan makes you feel overwhelmed or lost, The Dinner Spin will do it for you. Or if you're someone like me who loves to read, collect, try, and get inspired by new recipes, the free recipes you'll receive are worth the time it takes to sign up. Check it out at By the way, I do not receive any compensation for endorsing this service. I just think it's great and wanted to share!


  1. I can't wait to check this out. I plan our meals every week too (much the same way you do but I don't have the freezer stash that you do). What I'm always on the lookout for are kid-friendly healthy meals. I have signed up for a couple of other newsletters offering supposedly healthy meals and, upon reading, quickly hit delete. I would never feed my kids some of the crap I see being touted as "kid-friendly."

    BUT - if you are recommending this site I'm eager to check it out.

    I feel like we're in a rut (especially as my oldest has suddently dramatically reduced the number of foods she's willing to eat) so new ideas are always being sought.

  2. I thought it was a great idea, but when I went to the website to sign up I felt a bit uncomfortable. It asks for your mailing address, along with your first and last name. I can't imagine why they needed your physical mailing address. I might have missed it, but there was no way to contact them to ask why and no information as to why they needed that piece of info. I guard that information carefully in this day and age. Unfortunately, I left the site without signing up.

  3. I'm forwarding your concerns to Janis at The Dinner Spin.
    Thanks for your comment.


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