Monday, April 20, 2009

Awaiting the New Blueberry Diet and Blueberry Supplements and Additives

Maybe I shouldn't be so cynical on my first day back from vacation, but I just read the article, "Blueberries May Help Reduce Belly Fat, Diabetes Risk" ( and my first thoughts were now they're going to come up with a blueberry diet and/or add blueberry to all sorts of products with marketing campaigns about improved health.

I love fresh blueberries and I truly am happily anticipating the season of their peak freshness which is right around the corner. My 11 year old can eat a pint all at once if she's hungry enough when she comes home from school. I have no doubt that blueberries have many health benefits, as do most fruits and vegetables. But I always become wary when I see one particular food publicized as having medicinal-like qualities. My eating philosophy is that we need to eat variety, with a healthy dose of fruits and vegetables. So I'll sit back and wait with a skeptical eye towards new blueberry press and blueberry-added products, but I'll eagerly wait the fresh blueberry season.

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