Thursday, July 15, 2010

Enjoying the Fruits of the Season

Earlier this week I found myself near one of my favorite farm markets so I made an unplanned visit. I came home with some fresh New Jersey peaches (who knew such great peaches were grown up north!), corn, and cucumbers. Everything was so good that it was gone within 24 hours. So my produce-loving middle daughter and I made a second trip this week and stocked up on some more. This time we bought a bigger bushel of peaches. They're not gone yet, but they will be soon. Delicious.

This is the time to seek out some fresh, local produce. Whether it's at your grocery store or farmer's market (visit to search for a farmer's market near you), I encourage you to bring home some fruits and veggies to enjoy. Be adventurous and try something new or make a different recipe than usual. And make sure your kids see you enjoying the season's bounty too. As Ellyn Satter wrote in Secrets of Feeding a Healthy Family, "The secret to feeding a healthy family is to love good food, trust yourself, and share that love and trust with your child."

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